Welcome to Sai Sanmarga Dharmalayam

We hereby invoke the blessings of elders of the spiritual passage, Sai families of the cosmos and kind hearted beings.

We make prostration before our Guru Shri Subba Rao Swamiji who was our light house, has initiated to Baba consciousness. Then we surrender ourselves entirely to the lotus feet of our Sath Guru Sainath, who is our sole refuge. We swear that there are no hidden expectations in exhibiting this anecdote. We just reminiscent our traveled way.

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Social Welfare Programs in India

Our Services

  • Daily annadhanam
  • Free siddha treatment for the poor
  • Youth welfare and cultural activities
  • Evening tuitions to the poor students
  • Corpse vehicle
  • Death fund
  • Welfare aid to the poor
  • Welfare aid for poor widows & pregnant women

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